3 Steps That You MUST Understand About Generating Leads Online

If you run a business from home, especially if it’s in the network marketing industry, then you’re definitely interested in home business lead generation.

If not you should be. But too often people get this dead wrong, or they put all their time and effort into finding shortcuts to generate leads for their business.

It’s time you learn what it truly takes to generate leads for a home based business.

Why Home Business Lead Generation Should Be On the Forefront of Your Mind…

Lead generation is like oxygen to your body. You MUST have leads if you’re going to sustain any sort of business success for any amount of time.

That’s just the way it is, and that won’t change.

But so many network marketers, and other home business entrepreneurs go out and waste their money on buying leads, or some crazy tool to generate leads automatically (usually by scraping email addresses from websites) and never really learn the true art of home business lead generation.

Well actually it’s part art and part science. It truly is a numbers game, but you have to have the artful components (website, squeeze page, lead magnets, auto responders, back end, closing, etc.) right if you want to have any success at all.

And it’s vital that you learn this, or else your home business success will always depend on someone else for fresh leads – if they’re even fresh.

That’s not good.

So What Are the Vital Components of Effective Home Business Lead Generation?

There are a number of things that have to be right. I eluded to a few above but let’s dig a little deeper.

Number 1: Getting Interest in Your Offer – This counts for a few different things. It first begins with the content that attracts people to you in the first place. This could mean the ads that you write, the articles that you write, the relationships that you develop such as with social media like facebook b2b lead generation or Twitter. Basically whatever content you have on the web, that leads people to your Squeeze Page.

Number 2: Your Squeeze Page –The squeeze page element is vital too. You have to be able to entice someone to give you their personal information like email address and/or whatever other information you’re asking for.

This usually involves offering something to someone for free such as a video, or a report, etc. You have to get this element right, and there is a lot to it. Things like headline and copy writing we know are important, but other elements like images, color, placement of things, placement of optin, etc. need to be there and working well. You also must be always testing to improve on this for increasing your home business lead generation.

Number 3: Follow Up –┬áLuckily online it’s easier than ever to follow up with prospects. Auto-responders are your friends and act as little salespeople for you 24 hours a day. This is an element that you must get right or your home based business lead generation falls apart.

Sure you’ve already got the lead, but now it’s time to really start warming them up to the benefits of your offer before you get on the phone with them. This increases your closing rate by huge amounts (if done right) so this isn’t the part where you want to be lazy.

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