A Woman’s Companion – Silver Clutch Bags

Silver clutch bags are more than just things to stow away your stuff. They are a status symbol. Unknown to most women, here are some fun ways to jazz up your look with this bag:

• Wear dark coloured evening gowns with silver jewellery. It would never do to carry a bag that does not match your jewellery

• Use silver eye shadow and a light smattering of silver dust on yourself as part of your makeup. The more your makeup matches with your silver clutch bag, the better you look.

• Go for bags that have an extra pocket especially for your cell phone. Use this pocket here for this purpose only. silver serving tray The most annoying thing in the world is when you receive a call and spend ages to find your phone.

• Do not stuff this type of bags with too many things. It spoils your entire look if you appear with a tiny bag that looks like its bursting at the seams.

• You could attach diamond – like dots or beads on these bags for an extra effect. Make sure they are evenly spaced, and that there are not too many of them.

Silver clutch bags can also be used for occasions other than an evening dinner. They can also look good on a date with that special guy you have always wanted to impress. You could use these bags when you are out grocery shopping – when you return, you will be laden with groceries, and you could just put your silver clutch bag into one of the parcels. It will reduce your load greatly.

When using a silver clutch bag, if you are the absent minded type, go for one with a strap. There are tiny bags available that come with a thin, silver chain, that is long enough to reach your hips when you casually fling it across your shoulder. Also, this leaves your hands free to hold hands with someone, or carry your food plate at a buffet! So go on – Get one, today!

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