Domain Names and Cheap Web Hosting Information

If you are interested in starting a e-commerce business, an Internet blog or just want cheap web hosting information then this article should help.

If you want to have a web presence for business or personal use it is important you understand a few basics to ensure that your web presence is as painless as possible.

Let’s start by looking at cheap web hosting information. Also find cheap personal web hosting information.

Invest in a good domain name, a good domain name is your link to the outside world and learn about cheap web hosting information. it does not always have to be the name of your company or specific to your requirements but does need to relate in some way.

For example: if you have a site selling baby clothes called “CuteBaby Ltd” there are very few searches for that term, on the other hand if you can buy the domain name “babyclothes” or “childrenswear” it would have a far better chance of rising in the search engines as long as the site if built well and optimized correctly of course.

When you have registered the domain name it does not belong to you in the sense of property but it does allow you to have sole rights to use that domain name for the length of time you carry on paying for registration fees with a cheap personal web hosting company.

One of the many good points about having your own domain name is that this is your permanent web site address and this can be hosted with any web hosting company. If you dont like the service supplied by your current web hosting provider then just move it. there’s plenty of cheap web hosting information out there and we will discuss how you can find cheap web hosting information later in the article.

If you do change hosting providers it does not affect your site visitors, all the information is transferred and dns records are updated to ensure that to your visitors the transfer is seamless to the new cheap personal web hosting provider.

You should try to avoid using the domain name supplied to you when you setup an hosting account as this is usually at the third level and will contain the hosting companies name in some way, for example: yoursubdomainname-hostingcompany or hostingcompany/yourdirectory/.

Also if you have a problem you no longer are allowed to use their services they own and control your domain name and you would be stopped from using the name you have spent money on and built up. You stand the chance of losing all your traffic or visitors, plus your popularity in the search engines because your web pages no longer have URLs.

Make sure you host your web site with a commercial hosting provider. The logic behind this is simple, you are paying for a service so they should be eager to to ensure your site well maintained with little downtime. This does mean that you will be paying a regular fee every month but this allows you to be fully independent and have full control over your web site. The other point is that hosting packages are so cheap now you would be mad not to use them.

If you do decide to stick with your free domain supplier you will find that the url forwarding technology does not work as well as the way a normal hosting does. At best, it will domain rating lead to unexpected surprises and technical issues to some of your web visitors and your website will never get indexed correctly by the search engines.

To find cheap personal web hosting information is easy, there are many places that supply all the information you could want to find cheap web hosting information. All the top level domain authorities have a list of accredited registrars that you can look through, these are companies that are allowed to register and maintain your domain name for you.

The main authority for com, net and org TLD’s is ICANN and a full list of accredited registrars can be found at the ICANN organizations accredited registrars page. If you require a TLD that is not covered by the list on ICANN then you will need to look for the corresponding local domain authority. For example co uk is the TLD for the United Kingdom and the registration authority is Nominet and they will contain a list of their own accredited registrars.

Trying to find a good domain name is going to take a little time. The main problem is that most of the best words and short domain names have already been snapped up. So do your research read as much as you can on cheap web hosting information and domain names.

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