Electric Car Batteries – How The Electric Car System Works?

It is not unusual that people get curious about the batteries in electric vehicles because they want to know how a pair of batteries can power a car and run it for 100s of miles. In fact, this curiosity is quite high among car owners because most car owners might have faced starting issues at least once in their lifetime because the car’s battery ran out. In a traditional gasoline or diesel car engine, the battery can run out just by forgetting to turn of the headlights or even the reading lamps for very long!

Considering the large size of a car battery that occupy a large area in the engine bay, it is not surprising that such a thought emerges among car owners. To address this issue, we need to know the major difference between a traditional car battery and the batteries that power electric cars.

For traditional car battery manufacturers, the price of their products is a crucial factor and to maintain a reasonable budget, they use limited technology. However, these batteries are satisfactory for a traditional method of usage.

When it comes to rechargeable car batteries, the situation is entirely different. Even though the battery system is similar to traditional car batteries in function, they use highly modern technology in construction and charging. For instance, the battery has its electrolyte in a gel form but not in liquid form as most traditional batteries have. Due to the gel form, it is possible to fix these batteries in any orientation. This allow electric car makers to fit the car Baterias de Auto a Domicilio La Florida in any orientation they want, thus accommodate more cells in a limited space. More batteries in a limited space will allow better engine output and mileage on a single charge.

There are two types of batteries for electric vehicles such as VRAL and GEL. GEL battery uses the VRAL technology but is highly advanced and requires very minimum maintenance. With GEL batteries, chances of a spill are very low because they have sophisticated sealing technology. One drawback with GEL batteries is that they won’t perform better with irregular usage because the batteries need constant charging and discharging. With constant charging and discharging, these batteries perform very well and for the same reason, regular commuters find these batteries to be quite practical. If you don’t have regular usage of your car, these batteries may wear out very soon, thus leaving you with a maintenance problem.

One of the most recent advancements in the industry is the usage of Lithium-Ion batteries. Even though Li-Ion batteries are around for more than four decades, we couldn’t make its effective usage in cars and this issue is getting resolved with the new technology. The nano technology ensures that the latest lithium based batteries will be quite small but can carry a lot of energy in them. These batteries can last for a longer period and the lack of liquids in it will help the users to drive their cars for quite a long time.

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