Escaping Identity Crisis

Have you ever found yourself in what appears to be a crisis of your true identity? You didn’t even realize that ‘you’ had left the scene of your life. Now, the only person left to look upon in the mirror is the one molded and shaped by man’s impressions and images. In this article, I want to share ways to escape your identity crisis and re-focus on the ‘real you’.

For several years, I found myself wearing images shaped by the opinions of others. In reality, my issue was ‘people-pleasing’ and my main drive in life was to be validated by others and receive their accolades. I had no sense of my worth or value. Of course, this left little to no room for my authentic self to surface until I never really knew her. It was not until I got an understanding of who I really was and the reason for my existence that my life changed tremendously.

The journey to escape room identity crisis is centered around inner awareness and self-evaluation. This will be your opportunity to get comfortable with the ‘real you’ minus the ideas of others. Exciting right?

So, let’s begin. First, if you have lost yourself, please realize that there is hope and you will be re-discovered. Now, take a look at the following ways to escape identity crisis and re-focus on you:


    • Recognize that this a temporary setback and that you can overcome this crisis.


    • Write down the perceptions you have about yourself. Identify the source of these perceptions.


    • Acknowledge that in many instances you allowed the influences of others to shape the way you perceive yourself. Repent for giving them this authority.


    • Identify and separate from those relationships that have negatively affected your self-image. If this is a marital relationship, you and your spouse may consider Christian Counseling to discuss these concerns openly and in a safe environment.


    • Turn your focus to the inheritance you have as a believer through targeted scripture reading and meditation of these words.


    • Think on those things that are good, pure, and noble concerning yourself.


  • Allow Him to re-create you and provide a new, better identity through intimate one-on-one time.


Don’t allow embarrassment about identity crisis prevent you from using this opportunity to face your fears of being the person you were created to be both inside and out. Those that matter most are waiting to see the ‘real you’ and experience all that you have to offer. Start your journey today to escaping identity crisis and capturing the essence of ‘you’. Have a great time exploring!

In HIS Service,

Eryka T. Johnson

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