How to Stop Emergency Plumbing Water Damages

Burst pipes, basement flooding, overflowing toilets, and clogged drains cause small to large scale emergency plumbing floods. Turning off the water supply will stop the flood in its trucks, allowing you to control water damage until the emergency plumber arrives on the scene. Shutting your home’s water supply in case of leaks and floods will further save on much needed water. Yet many people do not apply this golden ticket advice when faced with water related plumbing emergencies simply because they are unfamiliar with the location of the shutoff valves.

Main Shutoff = To shout off the water supply to the home look for the main shutoff on either side of the water meter located in the basement, exterior wall, or down the street in a concrete “meter pit.”

Main hot-water shutoff = Located on the hot-water outlet of the water heater.

Toilet inline shutoff = A typically ribbed oval handle under the toilet’s tank.

Sink inline shutoff = Positioned beneath the sink or within the vanity with a right valve for cold water and a left valve for hot water.

Dishwasher shutoff = Located either beneath the kitchen’s sink on its 1/2-inch hot-water sink supply line, or in the basement between the ceiling joists and just below the sink.

Water related plumbing emergencies waste gallons of water. Knowing the specific locations of the various shutoff valves will allow you to cut off water in event of a burst pipe or a leaky toilet. Closing shutoff plumber near me valves will damage control water related emergencies until the emergency plumber arrives to repair the fault, and moreover save on gallons of water.

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