How To Use IPL Hair Removal?

The method known as IPL can remove unwanted hair by sending extremely mild light pulses to the hair root. Because of this, the hair will eventually enter a resting phase. After some time, any existing hair will fall out, and your body will manufacture less hair in that place over time. Following are the simple steps to use IPL hair removal.

Ways To Use The IPL Hair Removal

Start With Shaving

All visible hair in the area you want to treat should be removed using your favorite hair removal technique. Make sure there are no remaining hairs on the skin’s surface. After that, use a soft towel to pat your skin dry. Shaving prevents inflammation.

Longer hair means an increased chance of Ulike IPL Hair Removal device flare-ups. The shorter the follicle, the better the results, so shave closer. Make sure your skin is dry and free of gels or moisturizer.

Activate Your Ulike Handset

Get cozy next to a power outlet and get your gadget charged up. There should be a green light when it’s ready to be used. To adjust the brightness to a level more to your liking, simply click on the bulb.

If you’ve never used Ulike Hair Removal At Home before, it’s best to begin with the lowest power and then increased full power over a week.

The procedure is painless, although the flash heat from the IPL causes a tingling sensation that some people might want to get acclimated to before they undergo it repeatedly.

We advise using the maximum intensity level if you have experience with IPL and are comfortable doing so.

While Using the Ulike Handset

Simply position the light window against the area to be treated. The IPL’s pink light blinks when it’s ready. Then place the light window against your body. Tap ‘pulse’ when ready.

A tiny flash indicates the treated region. From there, lift the handset and apply it to the places you wish to treat. Avoid treating the same area twice in one session to avoid irritation. Some resistant hair follicles may require a greater intensity level or twice-weekly use of your device.

Ulike hair removal products Best Hair Removal Laser. It provides the best results for everyone. With intense technology, one can efficiently implement it.


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