The Joy of Having the Ability to Give Strangers a Prophetic Word

For many years I have moved in the prophetic but for many years since I was baptized in the Holy Spirit I have not attended Pentecostal churches. I am not aware how many people move in the gift of prophecy in an average church and have no idea how many people in an average congregation can give regular prophetic words. Having the ability to do prophetic evangelism and approach total strangers on the streets and deliver prophetic words and running a prophetic website that attracts about 50 prophecy requests per week fills my life with joy.

Paul, when you read what he has to say, seems to love the gift of prophecy. Paul says that prophecy is the best gift, he says that we should desire the best gifts, he says we should desire to prophesy, he says that we should cover the gift of prophecy and many other things. Paul seemed to be excited about the gift of prophecy.

When you have a lot of experience in the prophetic and you have given thousands upon thousands of prophetic words and your faith to give prophetic words has grown Request personal prophecy and you know the anointing of God and God’s voice when you feel and hear it, than life can be grand. Prophetic words direct people, inspire people, life people up, encourage people with their walk and struggles and give them insight into their future. With prophetic words you can name a persons spiritual gift and in the office of prophet you can impart mantles on people and anointing and release people into ministry.

The prophetic is just fantastic guys and the good news is that everyone can prophesy of they want the gift. Everyone who desires to prophesy can get the ability to move in the gifts of prophecy, word of knowledge and word of wisdom. People who want to move in the prophetic are welcomes by the Holy Spirit and given the op[opportunity. You too can prophesy if you want. Why don’t you?

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