The Power of the Prophetic Blessing

John Hagee is senior pastor and co-founder of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas an evangelical church with over 20,000 members. He is the author of four best sellers on the New York Times list including “the Power of the Request prophetic word Blessing” the book under review today. His reach goes out to 249 nations with broadcasts in television and on radio.

The Power of God’s Word

John Hagee states on the back cover of his book ‘the Power of the Prophetic Blessing’, “When God Almighty, King of the universe, places His blessing upon you, no person on earth can take it from your, and no power in the universe can eliminate it from your life!” Releasing the power of God’s word can impact you and your family, your job, and every corner of your existence transforming into supernatural results beyond your wildest dreams. As Hagee states, “If God be for us who can stand against us?”

The Prophetic Blessing

Hagee’s book deals with the Prophetic Blessing that is in his words,” A spoken declaration by a spiritual authority over the life of an individual.” The words of the blessing, backed by the authority and power of God, will carry the power to control and direct the life of the person over whom the blessing has been spoken. Hagee professes the Prophetic Blessing will completely transform your life, the lives of your children and grand kids, helping them to rise to a higher degree of achievement. The blessing will help create spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational goals that lead to glorious prosperity beyond your imagination.

Examples throughout the Bible

Hagee tells us God blessed Adam and Eve telling them to be fruitful and multiply.
When Jesus transformed water into wine He bestowed God’s blessing upon the union of marriage.

God blessed Abraham in Genesis 12:1-3, creating the nation of Israel and what became known as the Jewish people.

Jesus revealed to the vast masses in his Sermon on the Mount eight Prophetic Blessings known today as the Beatitudes. These eight Beatitudes represent new beginnings what would in time be called Christianity.

Power of the Blessing Recognized

The power of the Prophetic Blessing was recognized by the Jewish people long ago and interwoven into their faith. The Jewish people have excelled in all fields of endeavor down through history. There is no rational explanation other than this success is a direct result of the Prophetic Blessing.

Three Sections

Hagee breaks down his book into three sections.

Section one shows the power of the blessing, how we are born to be blessed, and goes into great detail about the Genesis and Abrahamic blessing.

Section two delves into when to bless or not to bless. The Prophetic Blessings that have been fulfilled. He then shows the eight Prophetic Blessings of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount and his Beatitudes.

Section three goes into how to receive the Prophetic Blessing through the spoken word, the touch of the word, and the receiving and proclaiming of the blessing.


I would highly recommend this great piece of literature giving it five stars out of five. Hagee’s focus is direct, blunt, and to the point. He does not stammer his thought or obfuscate his meaning. Everything He puts forth is backed by the scripture of God’s word. It is the plain truth backed by the facts. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ this book is an intuitive guide pointing to the way to bless your children and your children’s children. If you want God in your life this is the way to do it.

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