Top MBA Business School That Can Make A Difference In Your Career Path

We all know that a title next to your name can be an advantage especially if you are vying for a high-ranking position. This is what makes one stand out among the competition and with that said, getting a MBA degree can certainly make a difference. If you are opting to enrol into the program, then this article can certainly help you eliminate the various universities out there and focus on the top schools that would help you land the job that you are dreaming of.

Top MBA Schools

MBA programs are accepted and recognised internationally. You can choose a university not located in the US and still get the degree recognised in almost all companies worldwide. MBA Programs usually run for a two-year period though there are some institutions today that run an extensive one-year program. Popular MBA programs would include areas in Economics, Management, Accounting and Marketing. The following are the top universities that are considered as the best business schools around the world.


Stanford University ranked #1 this year in US in terms of ROI for its students. The university is very selective in terms of choosing their students though all graduates tend to receive lucrative job offers from top multi-billion companies such as BCG, Apple, and McKinsey. Annual tuition fee is $57,300 for a full-time class.


The London Business School ranked fourth in the world. Based in Regent’s Park, UK, the school offers non-master programmes as well as SLOAN MSc programme and specialist Masters in Finance programme. The School topped the rankings in 2011.


Ranked sixth in the world, Insead is located in France as well as has campuses in Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. The school ranked second in Forbes’ Best International MBA Programs for 2013 and graduate students land jobs in some of the high profile companies such as McKinsey, BCG and Bain and Booz.


The IESE Business School ranked seventh in the world and is number one in MBA in Europe. IESE is the business schools in london  for the University of Navarra. With 94 custom programs and 4 campuses in the world it is the best if you are looking for a business school in Europe.


IMD is the best school to enrol in if you are in Switzerland. Ranking 19th in the world, it is unique as it also offers a one-year intensive MBA program. Tuition is very expensive but can be paid off in a few years as most graduates land in high paying jobs.


The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad currently ranks 26th in the world but tops the graduate schools in India. It offers a Fellow Programme in Management, Post-Graduate Programme in Management and a 1-year Post-Graduate Programme in Management for Executives.

These graduate schools are just some of the top universities that offer excellent graduate programs that one should consider. With the high success rate that these schools bring, it would certainly ensure that you would be getting the job that you want.

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