Using The Best Treadmill Ratings To Make Comparisons Before Buying

The best treadmills cost many thousands of dollars. It would be foolish not to spend a little time and effort on finding the best ratings so you can confidently compare machines before you make that all important decision to buy.

There are many different brands on the market with a price range going from $200 to well above $4,000. In order to sift through the treadmills out there and buy with confidence you really owe it to yourself to compare the best treadmill ratings. Remember that the cost of home fitness equipment directly reflects its quality and the best rated treadmills cost from $1000 upwards. Unless you want to run the risk of buying an expensive piece of kit that is totally unsuitable for your requirements, understanding consumer ratings is important.

But, before you compare you must first contrast. What this means is that you first need to group the treadmills according to major categories like price, motor size, warranty etc. Once you’ve done this, it’s a good idea to further group these groups based on things you consider being important about a treadmill. Things like, treadbelt size and quality, speed, inclines on offer, console feature etc.

After contrasting machines, your list of those that remain will be smaller and more manageable to compare. You’re now ready to make comparisons using the various ratings you’ve found on the internet and elsewhere.

A word of caution about using treadmill ratings: they can be misleading. For instance, I’ve read a trade review that gave a Weslo treadmill a very poor rating indeed, However, this so called expert, was comparing it to another brand that was several times more expensive! Ratings based on this type of comparison are completely useless and should be discarded. Remember, if you’ve done your homework and have already contrasted the various machines, you’ll be in a better position to weed out the useless ratings.

Where to find the best treadmill ratings?

The internet is a good place to start. But, will you find the best ratings? Yes, you can, but you’ll also find the worst ratings ever written. Remember, the web does not differentiate between good and bad quality and anyone can publish whatever they like.

Another place to look is in the trade press. buy weed online uk Magazines like ‘Runner’s World’ have expert columnists writing treadmill reviews and ratings. If you’re serious about buying the best machine for you, you really should buy a few of these magazines.

There’s a lot to be said about recommendations from ‘the horse’s mouth’. Talk to friends who already own one and find out what they think of their machine. Better still, go to your gym and talk to the instructors. They will have used many and will be a great source of information.

If you aren’t a member of a gym and your friends don’t own a treadmill, go to an independent dealer. Ask them their opinion and get their reviews and ratings. Sure, they want to sell you a machine, but they’ll have different brands, so they’re not being particular biased and a real plus is that you will be able to actually give each machine a try.

Don’t even think of buying before you’ve done some investigation and found the best treadmill ratings and reviews. You can only buy a machine with confidence once you’ve analyzed what’s out there and have some comparisons.

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