Yacht Ownership and Female Sailors!

Yacht Ownership… Why Own a Yacht? For the same reason that you own a car, it gives you the freedom to travel near and far with a sense of independence. It gives you unlimited adventures!

Yacht ownership isn’t just for the wealthy. More and more female sailors are realizing they can afford mid-size yachts ranging from 28 to 40 feet. Make the wise decision to enjoy sailing and the amazing lifestyle opportunities it offers without constant maintenance.

Yacht Ownership What type of yacht is it?

You have to decide which type of yacht suits your needs, and it depends on whether you want to go on a harbor cruise with a few friends, take part in a fun race, or are on a long voyage. You can try sailing charter yachts to get the feeling of adventure you want.

And you should also look at whether you will be with family, partners, friends or a crew when you go sailing, or if you are looking at yacht ownership the possibility of cruising alone.

Accommodation will depend on how many people are likely to be on board and how many bunks, comforts and galley facilities are there if it is a daily voyage where the size of the cockpit is important or for cruising and the size of the interior and layout is important . If you are anticipating a longer or blue water cruise.

What is important to your needs in yacht ownership? Do you want a large sail wardrobe for fun racing with the Motor Yacht Charter club or a furling system for easy cruising and one-handed sailing?

What type of motor do you need, inboard or outboard, and which HP is important?

Can you afford all the latest gear like a chartplotter, or will you settle for a handheld GPS and some basic but essential equipment? Does the yacht meet all safety requirements with life jackets, flares and EPIRBs or does this add cost?

Do purchase and maintenance cost?

A major ongoing maintenance task for yacht owners is getting her out of the water for her annual fouling. This is when you check and work through hull fittings and other tasks that cannot be done underwater.

And don’t forget to insure your precious property! This can be costly.
You can almost always say that the cost quoted will double as the cost of the work to be done on the boat when the final bill comes in. .. There are some around.
So what are the first steps you should take when you decide to own a yacht?
The more you are prepared to do or learn how to do it yourself, the less you can spend. Do your homework and research!

How to start looking for your dream yacht?

When looking at yacht ownership, don’t rush emotionally! Browse boat magazines, boat yards and boat shows. Surf the Internet within a travel-ready radius. Check out the exhibits at the yacht brokerage window and compare similar yachts to get a true sense of value. Take a look at the piles of yachts, their different layouts, what they contain, and always keep in mind what your intentions are when it comes to sailing, but don’t be specific. I looked at over 50 yachts before making a decision. For example, I started looking for a 25ft yacht for harbor cruising and ended up buying a 32ft yacht capable of shore sailing, and now I am so grateful for the final choice.

Looking for a small trailer crew? So, have you considered putting it in and out of the water? If you’re looking for a bigger yacht, have you checked the marinas and moorings in your area and the rates you’ll be paying on a regular basis? We will find a broker who will listen to you and take the time to show you some of the yachts they have on the books.

As a woman, I have discovered many brokers. If I walk up to a salesperson, they either ignore me and don’t take me as a serious buyer, or if I have a male companion, some people will talk to him when they hear…’ Tell her about it, not me… She’s a yacht buyer. !’ When it comes to female yacht ownership, I know of numerous instances of sexism, such as the one I experienced when buying a yacht.

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